We were alone on the moon in-between the craters of his eyes

my mind warping like a vortex into hazel blue skies.

His beauty unparalleled as he stared straight into my soul

Commanding my erection as it lifted, engrossed.

I could not getaway

A glacier gaze frozen in time

Attention focused on a trapeze tightline.

And the light of a smile the only thing I resigned

A flash I prayed to churn in his mind

My winning feature coming second in the race against time.

For when it was “eventually”

And farewells come to go

He grabbed his things and excused himself

I reached below

For hands to shake, to sonder them well

An extraordinary man with a powerful hold

My heart’s relay.



They say that black is an inconvenience to wings.

I am a bird
And the blue I fly through
Has eyes on me.

My skin is black
And atop my feathers
Is a gold destiny.

The pearly gates of my Heaven
Give glamour
To stripes and smiles

Pretty words

and false promises
Create clammer within me.

So much of what trails behind
The black I forgot at liftoff
Lies dormant on land.

Why must my black follow?
Broken feet, weary wings
Leaving evidence behind

Of wings flapping
Of teardrops falling
On footsteps walking.

I cannot blend in where I go
The feathers of my family’s name
Bury the tree in blessed black dirt.



Wilfred Presley

Wilfred Presley

My most honest moments of connection and fulfillment occur at the center of the heart.